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The Process: Step ONE

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Step one

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The Process: Step TWO

the muse



It’s time! Ready to be a muse?
Let’s create a masterpiece together!

Match the position of your head and shoulders to those in the painting.

Aim for soft, even lighting.

Frame yourself with some space around your head and shoulders.

Aim for minimal accessories and keep your hair out of your face.

Send a few photos* with slight angle changes.
*Maximum five images, please!


Golden Angles

Ensure your head and shoulders are oriented similarly to those in the painting. Check how the head and shoulders line up. What facial features are visible and how visible are they?  How much of the ears are showing? Is the nose fully in view?

A Light Touch

Channel your inner Vermeer! Aim for soft, even lighting to let your true colors shine through. Not sure where to start? A shaded spot outdoors against a simple wall works wonders. Don’t fret over matching the artwork’s light; our artists have that covered!

Fine Details

Clear, high-resolution images work best, resulting in beautifully detailed artwork. If you’re using a cell phone camera, consider recruiting a friend rather than taking a selfie. Use the main camera on your phone (the one on the back) for the best quality. Make sure there’s a bit of space around your head and shoulders in each shot!

Mona Lisa, Smile!

We’ll immortalize the look you give us, so let your face tell a story you’d like to hear! If you want to mirror the original artwork’s mood, go for it; if not, feel free to add a twist of your own. Remember, we’ll transform your expression exactly as it is so choose your expression wisely.

Less is More

Hats off for this session! Tuck those tresses back! To reveal your face as it was meant to be seen, steer clear of accessories like big earrings or flashy necklaces that can detract from the star of the show: Your face! Love your glasses? Then we can’t wait to paint them! But be sure to send us snaps both with and without them — we want to be able to capture every detail of that twinkle in your eyes!

Step two

Common questions

The Process: Step three

Good to Gogh

Once you have your reference photos and your masterpiece, you’re ready to submit! Visit the Gift Shop, pick your package, and share your images with us. We’ll respond to you once we’ve received your assets, and let you know if we need any additional references. Otherwise, we’ll get straight to work!

You can track the progress of your order, and we’ll reach out once we’ve finished for your approval before sending your finished piece out into the world. Once you’re satisfied, it’s off to the printers, and time to start planning your grand art debut as the final piece makes the way home — to you!

Step three

Common questions

Still curious? Check out the Playground where you can try on some of our favorite pieces of art, or browse the Gallery to see some completed pieces from previous clients! Have more questions? Reach out or browse the FAQ!

Ready to Be a Muse? Visit to the Gift Shop to browse our packages!